Company Profile

CentreForward Sdn. Bhd (111681-K) was established in 2007, as a by product of 21 years of teaching experience and research in Professional English Communication. Acknowledging the desperation amongst the employers who want the best workers for the jobs, and job seekers who are seeking for the top jobs, CentreForward strives to fulfil the requirements of both parties by providing them basic essentials but rather important Professional English Communication Programme. Through this programme, one is assured to have greater confidence, high self-esteem, and be ready to take up any challenging jobs in his/her future career.


At CentreForward, we have dedicated, dynamic and very creative trainers who can transpire our audience to achieve maximum benefits from our programmes. Our prime concern is to make sure our audience gets what they have paid for. It is our sheer pleasure to acknowledge our audience's progress and achievement.


The emergence of CentreForward was due to outcry of many organisations, both government and non-government, that their investment in training their staff to master English language, did not meet their expectations. In view of this, CentreForward has taken some initiatives to study the probable reasons as to why some of these training programmes did not provide positive impact on the participants. There might be many reasons to it, but we feel the following reasons might be the root cause of all the problems. These are:


  1. Lack of motivation amongst participants as to why they need to master English. They feel forced to learn the language.
  2. Lack of interaction and class participation amongst participants. They tend to keep quiet throughout the programmes.
  3. Lack of continuity in practising the language. The practice stops when the class ends.