Course Feedback (Adults)


"THE COURSE gives me more confidence to speak and express myself in English. The technique really helps."

Aminah Talib,
Civil Service Pensioner


"THE SPEAKER simplifies the hardship of Mastering English."

Suriati Mahmood,
SAJH Assistant Manager


"MR FAISAL has a very high English Language proficiency. It's a character building programme too."

Jay Kumar,
Malaysian Marine & Heavy Engineering Engineer


"EXCELLENT PRESENTATION. I was scared to speak English. Now I realise that I know many words, but I don't use them. So, I've to immerse myself to get fluency."

Ustaz Mohd Rifqi Myiddin,
Johor State Education Department


"IT was an excellent programme/speaker. The programme helps me a lot."

Rosnah Mansor,
English Teacher


"This COURSE helps me to sharpen my mind & skills in English. Very relaxing, enjoyable, and easy-to-understand course."

Juhaizah Talib,
PhD student, UTM Skudai Johor


THIS COURSE is beneficial for everybody including school children.
Chief Clerk, Sultan Ahmad Shah Training Institute