Our Concept

The Fastest Route to Master English


Total Immersion was originally introduced during World War II, with incredible results. In the event that U.S. military or intelligence found themselves behind enemy lines in Germany their survival depended on a perfect understanding of the language, culture, history, and idiosyncrasies of the German people. The training had to be quick and comprehensive. They actually built a German village, with only German-speaking people, German food, and German culture. It worked brilliantly. In a very short time period, participants were thoroughly prepared to interact in a German culture through Total Immersion. This technique not only saved many lives in the process - it worked much better than any traditional teaching method.


We utilise the concept of Total Immersion as our teaching philosophy. English Communication Training is limited to a small number of participants to ensure excellent learning. We lead our participants onto the fast track of mastering English.


Mohd. Faisal Hanapiah
Course Developer/Leader