CentreForward believes the effectiveness of English communication programme can be achieved once the already mentioned problems are dealt with entirely. CentreForward, has designed a fantastic Professional English Communication Programme based on the concept of Total Immersion. This concept requires every participant to continuously occupy his/her mind with English through intra and inter personal communication activities.


Factors that are drawing more and more organisations, both government and non-government to our programmes are:

  1. Our class is enjoyable. Participants are exposed to different activities that require them to interact with others.
  2. We simplify the hardships of practising English language. The emphasis is made on the concept of speaking word by word, using simple word and speaking louder.
  3. We make sure no one is left behind. Continuous encouragements are given to motivate participants to keep up with the programme.
  4. Our programme is continuous. There is no end to the practising of English language. Participants will be left with something easy to practise but proven to be very effective.